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Inspires Wobi Office - Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright

“Design is the difference” Marc Schwartzberg had said with a smile. In his 30 years of experience in the office furniture industry, design is what Marc believes is the foundation of a great product. The makings a great designer is in his or her ability to distil an object to its bare essential form. A well-designed product, he affirmed, was akin to that of a well-crafted machine - every component necessary to its function. But the best? The best designs needed no introduction. The best designs were akin to that of nature. Tacitly comprehensible and intuitive, they formed an instinctual organic relationship with the user. Not only that but they were distinctive and unique, subtly bearing the mark of the creator. The best designs were miniature paradigm-shifting events seldom noticed - functional solutions to age-old problems that once solved, seem trivial, but are in practice the results of a meticulous iterative crucible.Inspires Wobi Office - The Golden Spiral and the Fibonacci Number

Consider for instance the Guggenheim Building by Frank Lloyd Wright. As a shining example of mid-century modern design principles, the architecture of the museum consists of a spiraling rotunda resembling an inverted ziggurat. Originally inspired by the shape the nautilus shell, the building touts a mathematical precision that is idiosyncratic of intentional design whilst drawing from the patterns found in organic life. Consisting of a geometry that consistently reoccurs in life from the spiraling arms of galaxies to the shells of mollusks, the logarithmic spiral present in Wright’s design has been the subject of interest for artists and mathematicians alike since the days of antiquity.

The golden ratio serves as a fundamental guide to composition. In art and photography, it draws the viewer to the spot on a picture that the eye finds most aesthetically pleasing. In music, it forms the rhythms that ear finds most resounding. And in architecture, it forms the proportions of structures that we occupy most naturally. Its omnipresence both in life and the art that imitates it weaves through history as a unifying thread between man and nature.

For Marc, minimalism invoked the principles of design in their rawest essential form. By drawing upon the cardinal shapes of nature, the designer invokes the patterns deemed by blind evolution to be most conducive to life and by extension occurs most naturally to man. Absent ornamentation and embellishment, the minimalist reveals to us with the striking focus the form of life in ordinary things. Where the artist reveals, the designer creates, and by virtue of examination, we learn the speak the primordial language of the universe. Inspiration is the power to redefine our relationships with the world through the genesis of imagination.


At Wobi Office We are passionate about good design and believe that it makes the world a better place. Architecture, automobiles, touch-screen tablets – good design is beautiful to look at and easy to use. We find inspiration for our line of quality office chairs from a wide variety of sources. We’ve compiled the following series of blog post to muse about our thoughts and inspiration. We hope you enjoy and look forward to your feedback

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