Wobi + Houzz

Wobi Office is excited to announce that our chairs are now featured on the up-and-coming design site, Houzz.  Houzz is a unique online resource where both homeowners and designers can share ideas on how to design and renovate their living and work space.  What’s more, not only can you get great home office design ideas on Houzz, you can actually purchase the items in your Idea Book directly through the site. 

Houzz streamlines the process of gathering ideas, hiring professionals and purchasing designer products.  If you are starting or undergoing the process of a renovation, you can create your own Houzz profile, and select from nearly 3 million photos for inspiration on how you want to design your space. 

A Houzz Ideabook allows you to assemble both images of other design projects as well as images of the actual products that you may want for your project.  When you first create your Houzz profile, you’re prompted to create an Ideabook where you can select photos projects or rooms that you find inspiring for your space.  You may create your Ideabooks based on any criteria you like – color scheme, which room you’re designing (ie, home office, living room), or style, (ie, mid-century modern, contemporary), to name a few.   

For designers, Houzz not only allows them to showcase their designs, it also allows them to give advice and answer user’s questions on their message boards.  We love that!  What’s more, Houzz helps you connect the dots of your design ideas by referring a designer, and even creating a list of suggested products to help you build the look of a photo you like.

Remember that notebook you had from your last renovation with all the swatches and magazine cut-outs?  Then when it came time to buy that great mid-century modern pendant lamp you clipped, you suddenly realized you didn’t know where to find it.  Houzz will not only keep that ‘clipping’ for you, they make it easy for you to purchase the new item you want. 

Inspired design that’s easy to use is what Wobi Office and Houzz are all about, which is why we’re so excited to partner with them.  Check out Houzz and be sure to check out our profile page.


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