Introducing the Bradley Series

Every year, Marc Schwartzberg, our cofounder and president, makes an annual sojourn to Guangzhou, China in search of the finest manufacturers, dealers and materials to source for the production of a Wobi Office chair. Armed with a humble backpack and decades of experience in office furniture and design, Marc takes one week each year to peruse the expansive halls of the China International Furniture Fair in order to look for inspiration among the industry’s largest gathering of office furniture makers and designers. There, Marc visits our factories and speaks with countless vendors and industry leaders to find the best models to bring to North America. Only when a chair meets our highest standards for quality, construction, design and quality does it become a Wobi chair.

Since the launch of our business in 2012, our line of carefully curated office chairs has remained the same. However, we have not ceased in our continuing quest to bring impeccable design to the American market. This year, after going through our selective design process and meeting our rigorous quality standards we proudly announce the introduction of the Bradley Series chair to our lineup.

For the Bradley Series, we set out to build a chair that captures the essence of modern design while featuring all the ergonomic benefits you have come to expect from Wobi. We took great care in shaping the frame of the Bradley. Our designers worked to create a rounded organic form to mimic the contours of the human body. From our sturdy base, to the smooth transition between the sleek armrests and curvaceous rear structure, you’ll find no harsh lines or superfluous organs in the construction of the Bradley chair. We seamlessly integrated every component to create a clean, crisp silhouette with an unmistakable unity of form. This simple yet, sophisticated design functions great as an ergonomic desk chair and looks superb in the conference room.

The Bradley Series features classic upholstery in leather textured vinyl, while the Bradley Mesh Series is offered in woven mesh for maximum aeration.

The Bradley Series is in stock at $385. Until July 4th, get 15% off by entering the coupon code INTROBRAD at checkout. We couldn’t be prouder to add this new series to our lineup and we are certain you will appreciate the exquisite design of the Bradley as well.

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