The Reed Mesh Series: Classic, Breathable, Versatile

An updated classic, The Reed Mesh series brings style to any office space.  As beautiful as it is durable, the Reed Mesh Series’ ultra slim elegant profile is lightweight yet strong.  What gives Wobi Office chairs their edge is the high quality, advanced knee-tilt mechanism, which allows for adjustable support and a comfortable ergonomic seating experience.  The Reed Mesh series is breathable, sexy and sleek with a polished aluminum frame which give it a sensible, smooth and balanced structure.

The Reed Mesh in Lowback makes for a comfortable task chair, or brings a sophisticated and elegant air to the conference room.  Our friends at the architecture firm Thread Collective in Brooklyn, NY opted to outfit their workstations with Reed Mesh lowbacks in black, embracing its day-to-day comfort and long lasting quality.  At OCCAM Global, a staffing firm in lower Manhattan, everyone can breathe easy during meetings with a of Reed Mesh lowback chairs in their conference room.  The black Reed Mesh in highback, in the meantime, is a proven success as an executive chair at Hiccup Media.  “The effortless style of the Reed Mesh is perfect for our office -- it's nice looking and practical," says Rob, Hiccup's co-founder.  "It's so comfortable, and really compliments our workspace.”

The Reed Mesh series’ proven comfort and versatility, and its inspired design and value, make these chairs a beautiful addition to any office.

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